Each year, preventable errors in hospitals are responsible for injury or death to one million Americans. Many of these errors are attributed to hospital system failures and can be indicators of hospital corporate negligence.

As the only national firm focused solely on hospital corporate liability, Hospital EXPERTS™ provides top-class litigation support to determine if the hospital system failed your client. Conversely, if you represent a hospital that feels it was wrongfully sued, we carefully evaluate policy and procedure, determining whether any wrongdoing occurred.

Our experts represent all areas of the healthcare industry, ranging from nursing and elderly care to acute care and children’s hospitals. Well-versed in healthcare administration, and with advanced degrees in the field, their expertise and experience with legal proceedings has enabled them to provide trustworthy, knowledgeable testimony across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Hospital EXPERTS™ Founding Partner, Arthur S. Shorr, FACHE, authored the legal textbook on hospital negligence, Hospital Negligence: Legal and Administrative Issues.

For litigation support requiring clinical experts and assistance with obtaining the most information from electronic medical records, please visit our sister company, Aviva Healthcare Solutions.

"Dr. Bojko’s reports, as well as deposition and trial testimonies, were crucial in obtaining a recent verdict which awarded $43 million to my client in a conservative Texas jurisdiction.  His ability to effectively convey the facts of the case to the jury based on his medical and administrative experience is unparalleled.  Thanks to Dr. Bojko's testimony, the jury found the hospital 90% liable for injuries my client suffered due to the negligence of a gastroenterologist.  The HospitalEXPERTS™ team was efficient and easy to work with throughout the case, from initial review to depositions and trial."

-Reid Martin, Esq.
Martin Walker Attorneys at Law P.C. - Texas

"I first contacted Hospital EXPERTS™ in 2013 and have utilized their experts on a consistent basis since that time. Their team has been effective in pinpointing the perfect clinical experts for my wide-ranging requests in numerous areas from cytopathology and neurosurgery to ophthalmology and family practice.

Not only does Hospital EXPERTS™ have a vast and high quality network of clinical and administrative experts, the organization itself goes to great lengths to cultivate a seamless and lasting working relationship."

-Frank Rodriguez, Esq.
Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins P.C. - New York/New Jersey

Our Services

Our experts help you navigate the intricacies of healthcare administration. After initial consult, we’ll conduct a thorough case evaluation and pair you with an expert who is not only experienced in hospital administration, but also knowledgeable in the areas pertinent to your case whether it be credentialing, nursing, senior care, or one of the many other aspects of the healthcare system.

Once assigned to your case, our expert will conduct an in depth and strategic review of all relevant documentation and help identify the instances of alleged systemic failures that might have had an impact on the plaintiff’s injuries. Our experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to the review of discovery materials, often times suggesting additional related documentation.

Upon completion of case review, our expert will discuss his or her findings with you and your team and provide a written report, and deposition or courtroom testimony as required.

Case Evaluation

Expert Selection

Case Review

Review of Applicable Standards

Reports & Testimony

"Our firm recently had the pleasure of retaining Dr. Bojko for work on a defense case in Michigan. Throughout the process of this complicated case, Dr. Bojko provided an honest, thorough assessment of the facts surrounding the incident and was incredibly diligent and responsive. I’d highly recommend Dr. Bojko as an expert due to his medical and administrative expertise, as well as the pleasant working relationship he cultivates with clients."

-Saulius Polteraitis, Esq.
Foley, Baron, Metzger and Juip, PLLC - Michigan

"I recently retained Mr. Rich as an expert witness in a difficult nursing home litigation.  Within days of when I served his expert report to the opposition in discovery, the defense made its highest settlement offer and the case resolved.  After 37 years of trial work, Julian is on my permanent list of experts and I am eager for the next case to retain his services."

-Jeff Advokat, Esq.
Advokat and Rosenberg Attorneys at Law - New Jersey



Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include all categories of the healthcare system: from acute care hospitals to long term care facilities and ambulatory centers. We handle all types of cases including but not limited to:

"I have retained Hospital EXPERTS™ professional Timothy Hawkins on two occasions. In both instances he was extremely well prepared, knowledgeable, and accessible.

Each case involved plaintiff injuries incurred during surgical procedures. Mr. Hawkins evaluated national standards as they pertain to maintenance of surgical equipment and wrote reports that were integral in getting the cases resolved. Additionally, Mr. Hawkins found numerous external sources that proved useful to us.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mr. Hawkins in the future and highly recommend to him attorneys seeking a professional with his expertise."

-Holly B. Haines, Esq.
Abramson, Brown & Dugan Attorneys - New Hampshire

What is Hospital Corporate Liability?

Many cases of alleged medical negligence that occur within a hospital or institution may not simply be a case of individual physician error, but a failure of the institutional system itself – or it may be both, or neither.

Hospitals have a duty to establish and implement effective policies and procedures that protect the welfare of patients. Because hospitals are more than passive actors in the provision of care, many lawyers have taken to naming hospitals as defendants in addition to individual physicians. Such cases shed a light on system failures and have set new standards for hospital liability.

Though states may vary in their interpretation of hospital negligence cases, The Joint Commission – the organization responsible for accreditation and certification of 21,000 health care organizations nationwide – has established standards which “direct and define the performance expectations, structures, and processes that must be in place for a hospital to provide safe, quality care, treatment, and services."

Additionally, precedent cases in some jurisdictions have established that hospitals have four main duties. Should an institution fail to uphold one or more of these duties, they may be found directly liable.

These duties are:

  • To use reasonable care in the maintenance of safe and adequate facilities and equipment.
  • To select and retain only competent physicians.
  • To oversee all persons who practice medicine within its walls.
  • To formulate, adopt, and enforce adequate rules and policies to ensure quality care for patients.

Negligence can occur in all facets of hospital operations, from nursing and billing to informed consent and elder abuse. A commonly pursued case is that of negligent credentialing, a situation in which the hospital granted credentials or privileges to an incompetent or under-qualified physician, and is therefore liable for his/her mistakes.

Hospital EXPERTS ™ has a roster of senior hospital executives, board-certified and/or with advance degrees in hospital administration, all with extensive experience testifying in hospital corporate liability cases. They will pinpoint the alleged breach of duty and provide trustworthy, knowledgeable testimony to indicate how, why and where the negligence occurred, if it did. Our experts will also help defend your client hospital if they believe that no corporate negligence occurred. For further information visit Our Services.

During the course of my 42 years as a civil trial lawyer, I've worked with numerous expert witnesses and expert witness firms.  None have been better than Hospital EXPERTS™.

 I was first introduced to Dr. Bojko and Hospital EXPERTS™ in 2012 when in need of a hospital administration expert. The case involved the death of a baby who died in his mother’s arms while being infused with maintenance fluids in preparation for a minor hernia repair.  With Dr. Bojko’s assistance we assembled a strong team of experts which enabled us to pursue claims against various departments and staff members within the hospital that resulted in a substantial seven figure settlement.

 I am presently working on another hospital-based, very serious damages case and again contacted Dr. Bojko for assistance.  Over a span of about four months he has provided me with another strong team of experts and, again, we have developed strong liability claims against various personnel in various departments of the defendant, for-profit hospital.

Joseph G. Abromovitz, Esq.
Joseph G. Abromovitz Law, P.C. - Massachusetts

Since 2012, our firm, one of the largest Plaintiffs’ firms in WV and the Ohio Valley, has retained Hospital EXPERTS™ professionals on several occasions. In each instance, we found the experts to be highly qualified in their area of expertise as well as effective, candid, and hardworking.

 The extensive network of professionals assembled by Dr. Bojko and his team have ensured that no matter where the case fell on the medical spectrum – from urology to emergency medicine to pediatrics to nursing – we’d be matched with a top-quality professional to evaluate the case. Hospital EXPERTS™ has been especially helpful in identifying hard-to-locate experts in unusual sub-specialties.

 Dr. Bojko himself has provided testimony and advice on a range of cases including those pertaining to physician credentialing and clinical cases involving injury during and after birth. The focused, personal attention he devotes to each matter gives us great peace of mind.

 I highly recommend Hospital EXPERTS™ to both plaintiff and defense attorneys for their professionalism, expertise, and courtroom readiness.

-J. Zachary Zatezalo, Esq.
Bordas and Bordas Attorneys, PPLC - West Virginia/Ohio


Thomas Bojko, MD, MS, JD, FCLM
Managing Partner and Hospital Administration Expert

Dr. Bojko has over two decades of experience in both clinical and administrative aspects of hospital operations, holding such titles as Executive Director, Director of Medical Services and Clinical Operations, and Director of Critical Care Medicine, among others. In 2012, Dr. Bojko took over Hospital EXPERTS™ from founding partner Arthur S. Shorr.

During his tenure at Bristol-Meyers Squibb Children’s Hospital/Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Dr. Bojko had the opportunity to develop and implement new, cutting edge clinical programs in pediatric care previously unavailable in New Jersey. His success was nationally recognized and in 2009 Dr. Bojko was asked to serve on the board of the National Association of Children’s Hospitals.

Dr. Bojko’s clinical and administrative experience, combined with his law degree, gives him a diverse background perfectly suited to the niche area of hospital corporate negligence in which Hospital EXPERTS™ specializes. Not only does Dr. Bojko offer his personal expertise on cases relating to both pediatrics and hospital administration, but he also assists the VP of Operations, Ms. Kirk, in handpicking qualified experts for the Hospital EXPERTS™ faculty.

Dr. Bojko serves as President and Managing Partner of Aviva Healthcare Solutions, Hospital EXPERTS™ sister company, and is a Partner at Thomas & Krail LLC, a general practice law firm.

Education and certifications:

  • MD University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • Rotating Internship, Chaim Sheba Medical Center/Sackler School of Medicine of Tel Aviv University
  • Pediatric Residency, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship, The New York Hospital - Cornell University Medical College
  • MS Healthcare Administration, Management and Policy, New York University
  • JD Rutgers University School of Law
  • Certified with the American Board of Pediatrics, sub-board of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 
  • Licensed to practice medicine in New York and New Jersey
  • Licensed to practice law in New Jersey
  • Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Q&A with Dr. Bojko

Kelly Baldwin Krail, Esq
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Ms. Baldwin Krail is Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Hospital EXPERTS™ and a Partner at Thomas & Krail LLC, a general practice law firm in NJ. For over a decade, Ms. Baldwin Krail has worked in a variety of legal specialties, including personal injury, municipal court matters, and criminal defense cases. Prior to joining Hospital EXPERTS™, Ms. Baldwin Krail was an associate at Kent/McBride and Litchfield Cavo.

Ms. Baldwin Krail handles multiple facets of legal and administrative work at Hospital EXPERTS™, navigating the nuances of the legal environment in which our client attorneys operate. Ms. Baldwin Krail’s background and expertise is a vital asset to assist our clients.

In addition to her work at Hospital EXPERTS™, Ms. Baldwin Krail is a volunteer member of the New Jersey Child Placement Review Board.

Education, Certifications, Affiliations:

  • BA in Spanish, Seton Hall University
  • JD, New England School of Law
  • Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Member of NJ State Bar Association
  • Member of the Matrimonial Committee and Board of Governors of The New Jersey Association for Justice
  • Member of Matrimonial Committee of the The American Association for Justice
  • Active member of The Monmouth County Bar Association
  • Board Member of The Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce

Q&A with Kelly Baldwin Krail

Ashley Kirk

Senior Vice President, Operations
As Senior Vice President of Operations, Ms. Kirk is responsible for marketing, business development, client relations, and recruitment and management of both administration and clinical experts. Ms. Kirk ensures that experts are matched to the exact needs of our attorney clients. Ms. Kirk also maintains relationships with state and national lawyers associations such as DRI, AAJ and CAALA. Such cooperation ensures strict alignment between Hospital EXPERTS ™ mission and variously geographically located clients.

Having started her career with Hospital EXPERTS ™ as Project Coordinator in 2012, Ms. Kirk is very familiar with the operations at Hospital EXPERTS ™ and serves as a valuable resource to our experts, monitoring and coordinating case management details and deadlines.

Ms. Kirk’s completion of the paralegal studies program at Montclair State University, and her experience at the Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Appeals Bureau in New York, have made her a valuable asset to experts in need of research support on Hospital EXPERTS™ cases.

Education, Certification, Affiliations:

  • Member, Paralegal Association of New Jersey
  • BA in History, Montclair State University
  • Minors in both paralegal studies and anthropology

Q&A with Ashley Kirk

"If you need a superb expert witness on a nursing home or group home negligence case, I would highly recommend Julian Rich. He has an impressive background, education and experience as a nursing home administrator that will add value to your case. More importantly he really cares about elderly and disabled people and it shows. Additionally Julian is just a quality human being that you will value as a friend long after the conclusion of your case."

-Gary Patterson, Esq.
Patterson Legal Group, L.C. - Kansas


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