On March 5, 2018, a Texas jury awarded the plaintiff $43 million in the case of Billy Pierce v. East Texas Medical Center. The case involved a gastroenterologist, Dr. Gary D. Boyd whose care of the plaintiff resulted in multi-organ system failure, necessitating a liver transplant.

During the time the plaintiff was under Dr. Boyd’s care, the doctor’s medical license was on probation and his hospital privileges should have been automatically suspended as per the hospital by laws. When the case went to trial against the defendants, attorneys for the plaintiff argued the hospital was grossly negligent for allowing Dr. Boyd to practice medicine while without privileges.

Dr. Thomas Bojko, HospitalEXPERTS™ Managing Partner, provided testimony supporting the plaintiff’s allegations. Based on his education, training and experience as a physician and hospital administrator, Dr. Bojko opined on hospital policies and procedures and found that the hospital was, in fact, negligent. Dr. Bojko’s testimony was an integral component of the plaintiff’s case.

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